A photo of Kenneth Chen


I'm a third-year undergrad at UC San Diego studying Computer Science, interested in design and its application in social impact.


I believe in the power of communities as a collective to help tackle important social challenges. While modern technologies by themselves are capable, there are risks to leaving "human" out of the equation. How might we harmoniously integrate computing into communities to make society safer and more equitable?

I've collaborated with folks from all walks of life to help empower communities, from research at MIT CSAIL and UCSD Design Lab to industry work at Slack, ServiceNow, and Vngle.


Oh ya, I watch anime, play golf, read newsletters, enjoy Christ, and love being around friends... I also love ramen. Please send me your recommendations. Recently, I've been learning badminton and the ukulele.

My experiences and the people I meet help me learn, build empathy, and become who I am. I'm an introvert, but I enjoy collaborating with folks over competitions.🤷‍♂️ Let me know if you wanna talk!

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